ADOPTED General Plan

Environmental Review

The Morgan Hill 2035 Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the General Plan Update and Residential Development Control System Update. The Final EIR, published on May 31, includes responses to all comments received on the Draft EIR, which was available for public review for a 60-day period from January 13 through March 14, 2016.

Draft General Plan

Residential Development Control System

The Residential Control System (RDCS) is Morgan Hill’s voter-approved growth management system. It sunsets in 2020. Proposed updates to the RDCS would extend its population cap and system of annual allotments for residential building permits, maintain requirements for community amenities, and protect Morgan Hill’s character, while simplifying and clarifying competition procedures. The Council approved a final draft of the RDCS Ordinance on July 27, 2016. The RDCS will go before voters on the November 2016 ballot. The updated RDCS will only go into effect if it is approved by voters.

Growth Alternatives

Housing Element Update

Vision and Goals

In an early phase of the Morgan Hill 2035 process, the community, the GPAC, City staff, and the Planning Commission and City Council reviewed the Vision and Goals from the current Morgan Hill General Plan to determine whether and how they should change to reflect current conditions and aspirations. The Vision and Goals may continue to evolve and be refined over the course of the Morgan Hill 2035 project. This document represents the draft Vision and Goals as of the first City Council/Planning Commission Study Session on July 24, 2013.

Existing Conditions White Papers

Background Documents

GPAC Materials

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